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tv   11 News Today  NBC  October 13, 2011 6:00am-7:00am EDT

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roadway. details are next. >> a new front-runner in the republican race. the latest on politics. >> more than just the wife of an nfl owner. one of the leading cultural philanthropists. the life and legacy patricia modell. >> is -- is it going to clear up before the weekend? the news continues right now. >> live, local, like breaking. -- late breaking. >> thank you for joining us. even some lightning i am told it? >> some thunderstorm activity. pretty surprising for this time of the morning. let's look at the doppler and then we'll get into the forecast. we will see rain in most neighborhoods on your way to work or school.
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the thundershowers we were talking about, the bright orange and red d.c., if you're watching us, you guys could hear a little under to start the day. let's look at the forecast. i'm going to say the best chance is morning. we come back in a few minutes to look up the weekend. first let's see what is happening on the roads. >> the rain is impacting things out there. an accident in the northbound direction at the beltway. watches you make your way north. not doing all that bad. a little bit of a slow on the expressway. volume is starting to build around the area. eight minutes on the southbound from the 95 merge. the 12 minute ride on the outer loop. still running pretty smoothly. eight minutes on the inner loop.
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here's a look outside. the roads are wet. fog is an issue. warnings remain in effect at the big bridge. problem free north and southbound. you concede the rain on this camera. so far getting you -- so far, so good getting you to the bridge. >> thank you. our big story this morning -- it will be a difficult morning at chesapeake high-school as they tried to come to terms with the death of one of their cult -- classmates. kala austin died yesterday. >> kala austin is described by those who knew or as a very happy young lady who was good in school and had many friends. the high school student was likely on her way to school when she was involved during a crash during rush hour. she was driving east on mountain
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road when police say she lost control and slammed into an abandoned home on the opposite side of the street. she died from her injuries. wet pavement and speed contributed to the crash. neighbors say there have been several crashes on that same stretch of roadway. it is dangerous during rush hour. >> it is a speed rate. drivers are more concerned about getting to their destination than they are safety issues. not enough progress to accommodate the traffic. >> we're told that grief counselors will be on hand today and tomorrow to help those students and staff. >> montgomery county police need help finding a missing boy. his mother was found murdered.
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he was last seen on september 30 near briarcliff tears. police believe he is an aide 2011 honda. -- in a 2011 honda. baltimore city detectives are investigating a suspicious death of this morning. police found the body of an identified and -- unidentified man. we do not know how he died. a vicious robbery in northeast baltimore puts a man in a hospital with severe injuries. the victim suffered a fractured jaw and massive head trauma in the attack yesterday afternoon. so far police have name -- named made no arrests. >> caleb mott was last seen alive early tuesday morning at a
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friend's house. the next morning his body turned up along the block of san the mountain road. there were no signs of trauma. an autopsy will determine the cause of dust -- debt. anyone with information should call the sheriff's office. >> the murder trial of a woman whose body has never been found. rochelle battle disappeared. police say jason murdered her. this is the second case without a body. lester prosecutors wanted -- won a conviction for his wife tracy despite the factor body was never found. >> the outbreak of legionnaire'' disease at the plaza hotel has tested positive for bacteria. it is planned for the death of an elderly cast and the
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sickening up five others. if he stayed in september and are experiencing symptoms, health officials say to contact your doctors. >> there is a new name at the top of the polls and the presidential race. we break down the latest numbers and how that shakes up the campaign. >> in this rain between the tortoise and the hair, mitt romney is holding steady but herman cain has surged ahead. >> holy pizza, batman. >> he is now the republican front-runner at 27% in the latest poll. mitt romney is unchanged at 23%. mitt prairie slipped to third. conservatives and tea party supporters have pushed cane to the top. >> people do not think he is a politician. he is not part of washington.
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that is benefiting him. >> sending out copies of his plan, and he says voters are taking his plan seriously. >> a lot of people are taking a second look. maybe this long shot is not such a long shot. >> perry is hoping to get a boost when he announces his plan tomorrow focusing on drilling oil. >> i'm going to take the side of workers and employers. >> two-thirds of americans support president obama's plan including taxing the wealthy to pay for it. >> romney could win the nomination. he is the closest republican to beating president obama. herman cain chose the president by double digits. -- trails the president by double digits. >> you think the nominee will be herman cain, mitt romney, or someone else?
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>> despite the bad economy, the special session will focus on redistricting. michael busch says lawmakers will discuss the unemployment rate but the session will only focus on redrawing districts. and the potential job growth bills would not be proposed until the next session in january. we have the 411 on the newest area code. nearly all of the existing area codes have been depleted so they will create a fourth area code. 667. it starts next month. customers -- no existing phone numbers will be changed. >> funeral of arrangements have not yet been announced for patricia modell. she passed away yesterday after a battle with cancer. a former actress, she let her family's philanthropic efforts.
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she served on a number of nonprofit boards where her charity and compassion leaves an enduring legacy. >> dozens and dozens of organizations. in ways that only the people there could probably describe. people, little people, big people. people on the street. men and women, children. she worshipped children. that kind of passion, combined with her grace, her class, is such a model. i do not know how we will replicate it. >> here is an interesting factoids, at one time she held the record for appearing on more television shows than any woman in history. >> a classy woman.
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the time is now 6:00 tonight. 62 degrees. the hair salon rocked by gunfire leaving eight people dead. what may have sparked the massacre. >> breaking news in cha for near where more than a dozen people were injured in an amtrak accident. >> to the trial of the underwear bomber and as it was getting started. >> we are live the falls road getting ready for the running festival. we will talk about what kind of gear you might want to wear. >> if you plan to travel along route 10, you may find some delays. we will talk about an accident in that area and check on delays
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>> we are back with a live u.s. u.s. 29. -- view of u.s. 29. drizzle this morning. first we are previewing the baltimore running festival which begins tomorrow and goes into the marathon on saturday. we will talk about some of the things people should be doing to prepare for the race and on restate what they can be merry -- wearing. we have some stuff here. it is going to be in the 50's for the race. that is chile. people want to dress warmer.
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>> it is important to keep in mind that even though it is the 50's, it will feel 20 degrees warmer. you should dress for 60-70 degrees. >> where can people do in order to stay warm at the beginning but not overheat at the end. >> arm warmers are a great opportunity. you wear them on your sleeve. you can wear a tank top and then push them down if you get too warm. we have other options. different clubs. we call this the throwaway glove. it is a cotton glove you can use to keep warm. it is not a big loss to toss it to the side. >> we will talk about some more of this step and what people can do. but first let's get a check on the forecast. we have some thunderstorms off to our west. some of that may be heavier. even in the city, we have a
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drizzle. the roads are wet. take it easy as you head out the door. these are cool. they are throwaway gloves so you can stay warm at the beginning of the race. you can also wear socks on your hand. >> and make a puppet if you get bored. a little show. >> you are obviously not a runner. >> you could tell by looking at me? do not laugh at me, and dies. -- guys. back in the old days. weather-wise, we have some rain this morning. give yourself a few extra minutes. there is a break-in the princess precipitation. i'm going to say in the afternoon, we might get a peek at the sun.
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rain likely to start the day and then maybe it will be better on your way home. 63 at the airport. if we get those bricks in the overcast, the temperatures will be in the low 70's. we still have an east wind going. there could be some minor flooding along the western shore. especially during high tide. that will be this morning. the forecast goes like this, rainshowers to start the day. maybe a rumble of thunder. the high temperature between 69 and 74 degrees. a chance for a few rain showers. mostly late tonight. back in the upper 50's. the seven day forecast, still a chance for rain tomorrow. 72 on friday. cooler over the weekend. the big issue for runners on saturday will be the wind. over 30 m.p.h. a nice day on sunday at you're going to the ravens game. the high temperature around 68 degrees. the time is 6:15.
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>> good morning, everybody. we are dealing with one accident. the rain is impacting things around the area. lieutenant the beltway, an accident there. if you are going to go near the airport, the mast of the roadway is looking good. if you have to catch a flight. 45 m.p.h.. 52 on the west side. we are starting to see a bit of a slowdown developing. 57 on the north side. everything is what -- moving well including 95. volume is picking up. north and southbound traffic, no signs of any delays. we will go to a live you want to 95. we do see some delays in the southbound direction. that is the latest on traffic. >> taking a look at our top stories. breaking news in northern california where a pair of
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trains collided at an oakland train station injuring a dozen people. the train was traveling about 20 m.p.h. when it struck a stationary train that was offloading passengers. most of the injuries were minor. police believe a custody dispute with a gun and to open fire at a hair salon. he killed eight people and injured another. the suspect is scott dekraai. he was fighting with an employee over custody of his children. police picked him up less than a mile from the sink. -- scene. the defendant pleads guilty. this is the second day of the trial. umar farouk abdulmutallab pleaded guilty to eight charges including conspiracy to commit terrorism. he will be sentenced in january. >> mixed news for blackberry
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owners this morning. the service is back but do not expect a credit for the outage. research in motion is responsible for the three day outage and not the carrier that provides the air time and bills you. that means no credit for you. customers could ask for an early accord. policy changes that you need to know about plus, apple is getting ready to raise the curtain on a new movie streaming plan. let's go to a bloomberg at the new york stock exchange. >> apple is in talks with hollywood studios over a plan to let its users buy movies and a string them. sources say they would be accessible through the storage system. the itunes r d lets customers rent movies. this new service would allow them to purchase titles and access them any time. a netflix bill goes before the
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judiciary committee to revamp the 1998 video privacy protection act. customers would be able to link their accounts to facebook genscher movies and tv shows with friends. investors are looking at the situation in europe. plus an earnings report. stocks are charging higher. european leaders provided a road map to tame the crisis. now that their chances on by southwest, it is divesting its requiring. -- customers of size to buy a second seat. starting march 1, that goes for any passenger who could not fit in one seat with the arm rest lowered. it will maintain its fees for first and second checked back but x x -- excess fees will increase to $110 per item. that is effective april 10. >> 6:20. 62 degrees.
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an accident on route 10 near affect your drive on the beltway. more on that coming up. >> a whole new team of turtles. they reveal their basketball team. we're live without tenure baseball highlights. -- with that and your baseball highlights.
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>> time to take a look at your
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morning commute. a bit a bit busier right. we have this accident we are tracking. it is right on this ramp on the south side. we're hearing that the left lane on the ramp is blocked. you can use the right to win but delays are developing. we will keep you posted on those delays. a bit of a slowdown on the west side. 20 m.p.h. on average as you make your way down toward liberty. if the delays to not go down to interstate 70 but it will shortly. we're looking at speeds of around 42 m.p.h. on stock down 95. 29 it through the city looking at more volume in the south on direction. a life of your traffic coming toward us. delays are developing. that is the latest on traffic. now we check on your forecast. >> we have some light to moderate range to start the debate. let's check the doppler.
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give yourself a couple of extra minutes. the thunderstorm as we can going into howard county. you can see some heavy rain around the city. rain showers are likely this morning. then i'm going to be optimistic and say maybe we will see the sun. we will be back in just a few minutes with the forecast on the upcoming weekend. >> and now 11 sports with keith mills. >> good morning. the ravens resume their season on sunday as the houston texans make their second trip to the stadium. andrew johnson will miss another game. they are aware of how dangerous the texans are. one of the premier running backs has thrown for over 4,000 yards. the ribbons defense is playing at a high level. ray lewis this as a big reason is the new defensive coordinator chuck. >> a lot of credit has to go to
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chuck. he is a very flexible person. he interacts with his players. tremendously. not adjusted during the week but although the way up to the first play of the dimeter the last one. what you are feeling and how you feel. what ever. >> the kickoff is on sunday. ray lewis is still playing at a high level. now scouting director joe jordan is gonna. he is going to philadelphia where he will be the director of player development. rain delayed to start the game in detroit. game 4 of the american league championship series. the rangers led a 3-2. brandon ties of for detroit with one swing. it is 3-3 at this point. it stayed that way until the 11th inning. mike off jose after the curtain
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call. josh hamilton running. he slides and he is safe with the go-ahead run. the rangers win it 7-3. in detroit. gavme 5 they lead the series two games to one. a big day at the university of berlin. the coach introduced his basketball team. nick of city college. howard and mosely among the returnees. one of six freshmen on the team. even though there is no nba to place he is gone. nice advice from his agent. no editorial comment. >> the time is 6:27. still ahead, relief could come sooner than thought when it
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comes to the tax hike. >> a community is dealing with the loss of a 17 year-old girl killed in a crash. details are next. >> china puts the squeeze on iran. new details in the alleged or real terror plot. >> then maybe college students, but they look like children's books characters.
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>> live, local, late breaking. >> welcome back to 11 and news today. >> thank you for joining us. a quick left at the forecast. is it going to clear up? >> i am hopeful. this morning the rain is likely. enough to give yourself an extra couple of minutes. the stick a look at the forecast. showers are likely. by 3:00, we will get a break in the overcast with a high
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temperature expected around 72 degrees. we will be back in five minutes for the seven day forecast. stay tuned for that. >> new developments this morning in the alleged iranian plot to assassinate the saudi ambassador to the u.s. >> amid denials from officials to say it is a lie. >> more on the u.s. response to the plot. >> from president obama on down, american officials are calling their counterparts around the world and briefing them on the spot and working to isolate iran. u.s. officials want to crack down on iran for an alleged -- alleged plot to kill saudi arabia's ambassador. one man is in custody and a second is wanted. >> this kind of reckless act undermines international norms and the international system. iran must be held accountable for its actions. >> the u.s. may look to the
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united nations for new action against iran and already imposed new sanctions against the country, including penalties on a commercial airline. the treasury department says it helped special operations and hezbollah. >> to put pressure in a way that has not been done. >> in administration met with lawmakers to discuss the case. they addressed the question of whether military action should be considered. >> once the american people are aware of the extent of iranian activities, i think the american people would be supportive of examining options. >> the senate holds a hearing today on potential threats from iran and implementing economic sanctions. >> students at the chesapeake high-school are mourning the loss of a fellow student killed yesterday in an early-morning car crash. jennifer is lived with the sad
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story. >> good morning. kala austin had dreams of one day becoming a teacher. she was killed early yesterday morning, likely on her way to school. kala austin was a popular, haping -- happy student in pasadena. police say she lost control of her car on mountain road in pasadena. she slammed into an abandoned home on the opposite side of the street. if she was rushed to the hospital and died from her injuries. investigators believed pavement and speed contributed to the accident. >> too many accidents. it is always -- you hear about accidents happening on this freeway. >> this neighbor was saddened but not surprised to hear about another crash on the heavily traveled road. she says it is often congested and dangerous. >> it is a speedway.
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the drivers are more concerned about getting to their destination than they are safety issues. as far as the traffic, not enough roadway to accommodate the traffic. >> it has the lights controlling the lanes of traffic depending on the time of day. police are investigating what caused the crash. friends have put up a makeshift memorial to her at the site. we have been told that grief counselors will be on hand at the high school through the rest of this week to help students and staff. >> the bottle tax may soon get a cap put on the sooner than expected. the city council will hear a proposal to end the tax a year earlier than planned. in its first year, it brought in about $5 million in revenue but that was less than anticipated
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and a cost to business. if the tax is repealed, there are no proposals as to how to replace the lost and future revenue. >> ellen turned the school in two-story time for a preschool. producers stop by campus after she posted instructions on twitter for students to turn out as their favorite children's book character. plenty of students got into the spirit. >> i love the grinch stole christmas. >> i am the three little pigs. >> where is waldo? >> capt. underpants. it is clearly a childhood favorite. everyone knows. it is perfect. >> you can see the results of the visit later today at 4:00 right here on wbal tv 11.
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>> now traffic and insta weather plus. >> let's take a look at the morning commute. it is busy out there. we have delays and another accident. another one is northbound at ratan right at the beltway on the ramp to the interview. the left lane is still blocked. we are looking at delays as a result. slovo up toward the beltway. a slovo was well on the west side 30 m.p.h. on average. -- a slow gow a as well on the west side. 30 m.p.h. on average. volume is picking up here. we will go to a life of you. -- live view. now the latest from ava marie.
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i am waiting for the quarter mile race. when is that? >> a marathon sounds daunting but we are helping people get excited about it as we talk about the things they need to eat. if you are burning so many calories per mile. i'm here with amy who has been pointing out the things people need to each to get ready. you want to eat every 45 minutes. >> we have a number of items that you should probably have been working on. goo, power bar, all different ones. different things. things that are more like a gummy bear. >> let's get a look at the seven day forecast. we are dealing with trade through the end of the week. it looks good for the marathon. it is the type of whether they
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need. people will be enjoying that. this is much better than eating oysters. [laughter] >> right up your alley. you can wash complete coverage of the festival right here on wbal tv. we will be live from the starting gun to the finish line. we will also have 18 reporters on the course. coverage begins on saturday morning. >> the time is 6:38. police make an arrest in the celebrity e-mail hacking scandal. " police say stop -- stole pictures of celebrities and how much additional time he could face. >> we're taking your answers your question of the day. do you think the nominee will be herman cain, mitt romney, or someone else? share your responses at our website and on our facebook page.
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>> the fbi has arrested the so- called hackerazzi who still pictures of several plot -- celebrities. he broke into the accounts of more than 50 people including scarlett johansson. he is charged with 25 crimes including identity theft and he could face as much as 121 years in prison if convicted. >> james bond has is next arch nemesis. during an interview on "nightline", javier bardem
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revealed he will be the next village in the next james bond movie. he says he is seen all of the james bond films and is excited about the new role. daniel will reprise his role as 007. >> he plays a good bad guy. the time is 6:42. some of your answers to our question of the day. >> we will take a look at another accident impacting your ride on the beltway. >> i am a sean connery fans for james bond. i know he was not the first one but he is my favorite. we will check the seven day forecast in a few minutes. 63 at the airport. 63 at the airport.
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>> montgomery county police need help finding a missing boy whose mother was found murdered. an amber alert has been issued for william. he was last seen on september 30. police believe he may be being transported in a 2011 black honda crv with 5ag 9405. if you of any information, call police. opening statements get underway this morning in the murder trial of a man in the death of a woman whose body has never been found. rochelle battle disappeared after she told friends she was headed to the mall. prosecutors say jason gross murdered her. this is the second murder case to be tried without a body.
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plaster prosecutors won a conviction against dennis for the murder of his wife tracy despite a factor body was never found. there is a new name at the top of the polls and the presidential race. the latest poll has herman cain surging ahead to the top of the pack. mitt romney remains unchanged in the percentage of popularity, he cites to second. rick perry is now third. romney could win the nomination. he is the coldest -- close to beating president obama. >> such bring the -- that brings us to your answers. >> to you think the nominee will be herman cain, mitt romney, or someone else? >> the leading candidate of the week never gets about 35% and then disappears. all predictions are useless. >> change has a lot of things and makes sense from a business perspective. romney has a better experience overall and is willing to
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compromise. we will pose more of your answers -- post more of your answers. >> a look at your morning commute. we are looking at delays around the area and a new accident on the interloop south side. watch for the developments there. we have a crash clearing on the interloop of the beltway taking up the left leg. delays are in place. speaking of problems, we have an accident and symbolism but corrections on the northeast corner giving you to and from 95 toward the split. 12 m.p.h. on the west side as those delays fall into place. we will let you know when the rest of the delays start to
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form. here's what looks like at the parkway. we will switch over to a view of traffic. reduced speeds and visibility. a slow ride down toward edmonton. that is the latest. now we get to latest who joins us to lettuce of the best things you need for the baltimore running festival. >> good morning. we have been talking about the marathon all morning long. what people can wear and eat and now we're going to talk to jim who is an owner at a running start. tell us about the race. the most important part of saturday. >> what is important is that people study the map, especially if you're not in the marathon. watch where you're going. roads will be closed. can i show this? if we look at 33rd street, it is closed. that is what the documents said.
6:49 am
york road, agreements, st. paul, everything is close to north and south. you want to avoid that area. you'll want to avoid the eastern down by patterson park. massive traffic congestion. you should look at the map and plan early and get out early. >> thank you very much. good advice for people in the race and the people who are going to avoid all of the traffic and. let's get a look at the weather. we have a few showers southwest of the city. across the area, there has been some drizzle. the roads are wet. watch out for fog as well. we will go back to tony. i do not know if you have done one but i know tom has done it. >> tom has done it every year. he will carry the flag. thank you.
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the biggest thing on saturday morning is the wind. i think the rain is going to get out of europe. here is a batch of showers. rain is likely for your morning commute. give yourself a few extra minutes. i am hoping that we get into the break. maybe some sunshine this afternoon. if that happens, we will get the temperatures to go. we will stay in the 60's. 66 in annapolis. 63 at the airport. we also have an east wind this morning. water on the western shore. there is a slight chance we could see some minor flooding, especially during high tide. the forecast for today, rain showers this morning. you might even hear a rumble of thunder.
6:51 am
i am hoping we get a peek at the sunshine. the high temperature around 72 degrees. overnight tonight, mostly cloudy skies and a chance for some rain showers. temperatures have dropped into the upper 50's. coast prettyff the quickly. the 70 forecast looks like this, a chance for rain and then air on saturday and sunday it should clear out. it windy day but try around 67. sunday if you're going to the game. back to the news desk. >> time for a look at our last story. the death of a student killed in a car crash. jennifer joins us from miller's ill with more on the story. >> it is a sad story. kala austin is described as a
6:52 am
happy young lady an outstanding student to read many friends. the chesapeake high school student was on her way to school yesterday morning when police say she lost control law for car. she crossed the center line and slammed into an abandoned building on the opposite side of the street. she died from or her injuries. wet pavement and speed contributed to the crash. neighbors have seen several crashes along the same stretch. it is especially dangerous during rush hour. police are investigating the cause of that accident. grief counselors are on hand to help students and staff. >> we are back in a moment.
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>> she has been telling everyone not to freak out this morning. >> we are looking at to delays around the area. no. battery stand at the beltway on the ramp to the interloop closed at the crash. as i mentioned, and a slow go. a little foggy out there. we will proceed to a live view of traffic. it is filling up quickly. >> i am hoping we may see some sign. off and on rain showers. maybe a rumble of thunder. hopefully a peek at the sun. >> if you would like to get more weather and traffic before you head out the door, join us for a 11 news at 7:00 a.m.
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>> you will find up-to-the- minute traffic information and. >> thank you for joining us. >> to fully realize the impact an individual has had. that has been the impact of al davis and the passing of steve
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jobs. a visionary in his own right, davis was the driving force be time the merger of the american football league. he saw what football could mean to the financial success of communities and knew that the united league will only prosper. it was the hallmark of his success. he pushed apple to develop products that would build brand loyalty unmatched in the technology industry. jobs changed the way we consumer music and forced other businesses to examine the way they distribute media. as our economy continues to recover, and our leaders debate, these men are examples of the can-do attitude so necessary for an economic recovery. to evade his to imagine the future. right now the broadcast industry is in a time of innovation. you can find news, weather and other information from wbal tv on your tv and mobile phone.
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if we're there -- to learn anything is to imagine possibilities beyond your dreams is not that wild. it is how we move forward. for more on their lives, we invite you to go to our website,
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